Weekly Play – John Roberts GIF

For my weekly play I decided to try another attempt at making a GIF. Unlike my first attempt, I decided to try taking a piece of a video and using it to construct my GIF. First, I decided to find a video of John Roberts in order to provide some commentary about his response to Donald Trump this past week. In order to do this, I went on youtube and searched “Justice John Roberts C-SPAN” to find a video that I could use. Next, I simply searched the video for some facial expressions that seemed interesting and could be reinterpreted for what is happening currently in our country (the original video is from June).

Once I had the video, I used imgflip.com to import the video and construct the GIF. Overall, it was surprisingly easy to take the video and trim it to the correct spots. All I had to do was  provide a link to the video and adjust the arrows underneath the video to set the time parameters. Since this was so easy, I could imagine students in elementary-high school being able to do this.

Like my cartoon caption from last week, I could imagine giving students a video clip to provide commentary on or providing an issue that they need to create a GIF about. What other ideas could you see for how this could be used in social studies?

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