Mediated Writing Project

Link to project in Adobe Spark

Here is my finished version of my mediated writing project that I have been working on. For this project, I took portions of a paper that I wrote for BEDUC 502 and added various links, images and videos to augment the piece. One of the more difficult aspects of this project was to take something that had already been written in an academic setting and adapt it to a digital format. Not only did I have to cut out certain portions of the paper that did not seem necessary for this context, but I also had to make sure the project still flowed and made sense. Once I started adding in images, the paragraphs without visual elements seemed to be too wordy. As a result I had to spend a lot of time searching for new images that would break up the writing while still adding something to the piece. This was also difficult since I didn’t have access to a lot of personal photographs (which I would have preferred).

Besides getting the opportunity to break up the writing and include slight side stories, I appreciated that presenting this work in this way allowed me to transition between ideas in different ways. For parts where the writing seemed a little choppy, adding visuals allowed me to create breaks and scene changes in order to segue to new topics. Still, I would be interested to get input from others about whether the added elements ended up breaking up my writing too much and became distracting. One thing that I wish Adobe Spark allowed me to do was to create more sidebars or smaller elements that felt more optional.  Overall though, I think the project turned out pretty well – though I wish I had more time to add dig up a few more photographs and documents.

Dropped Vowels and Spaghetti on the Beach

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